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Frequently Asked Questions

People wonder why do we buy ugly houses

Ugly Houses are not an easy sell,and you probably have a lot of questions. Here are some of the most common ones people ask us about the process

If you have additional questions, we’d be more than happy to answer them.

Just call 908-845-5596 and get the answers you’re looking for.

Who Typically Sells Houses to New Sky Homes?
People from all walks of life sell to us, but they all share one thing in common: They want to sell a house quickly, to a trusted home buyer who can make a cash offer and close on their schedule. And ugly houses are not always the case.

Here are just some of the reasons people sell to us:

  • Need to sell an inherited property quickly.
  • Want to unload a rental property with renters from hell.
  • quick Relocating or job transfer.
  • Going through a divorce.
  • Falling behind on mortgage payments and facing possible foreclosure.
  • Not wanting to deal with renovations or repair issues.
  • Simply moving, but not wanting to mess with repairs, painting, or cleaning.
but I don't have an Ugly house?'
We’d still like to hear from you. We work with buyers interested in any houses that might be good investments, regardless of condition. doesn’t need to be an ugly house, Whether your house needs a lot of work or just a little, call us.
How Does the House Buying Process Work?
its pretty straight forward and simple:

  1. CALL US TO SCHEDULE A VISIT. Give us a little information about your house. You can do this by calling us at 908-845-5596 , or by using the CONTACT FORM IN THIS LINK
  2. GET A CASH OFFER. We will arrange a visit. We will answer any questions you have about New Sky Homes and evaluate the condition of your house. If buying makes sense from an investment standpoint, you’ll get a cash offer for your house.
  3. CLOSE ON YOUR SCHEDULE. You are under no obligation to accept the cash offer. But if you do, we’ll set up a closing time that works for you, so you can get your cash and move on as quickly as you wish.
Will You Pay Market Value For My House?
  1. New Sky homes  renovate homes and works with real estate investor. We love Real estate, Architecture and Design, we invest time and money to renovate houses and make money once the house is back on the market.  After answering your question and evaluating the condition of your house, we will make a fair, no-obligation cash offer that is based on the expected market value of your house after a full renovation, discounting the renovation time and costs.While we buy at a discount, selling to New Sky Homes provides a number of benefits to the seller. These include the following:
    • There’s no need to deal with realtors or realtor commissions, DOWNLOAD the GUIDE: Pros and Cons of selling your House
    • We cover normal closing costs.
    • We pay cash — so there are never delays from banks, and deals don’t fall through because of financing.
    • We buy ugly houses means we buy “as is,” so you don’t have to worry about repairs or cleanup.
    • We close on your schedule when you’re ready.
    • If you’re in a rush, we can close in as little as three weeks, so you can move on.


How Do You Determine The Cash Offer You'll Make For My Home?
  1. After many flips and having in our team some of the best realtors, we have estimating down to a science. Before making you an offer, New Sky Homes will evaluate a number of factors, including the following:
    • The current condition of your house.
    • The approximate cost of repairs and renovations required.
    • The amount of time it will take to renovate your house.
    • The future “post-renovation” value of your house, compared to other homes in the area.
    • The amount of real estate commissions required to sell your home after renovation.
    • The cost of maintaining the house until it’s ready to sell, including insurance, utilities, taxes, loan payments, and more.

    The estimated future “post-renovation” value of your renovated house, minus these costs, helps us arrive at the cash offer that we make.

Does New Sky Homes Buy Condos And Other Types Of Homes?
  1. Yes. We buy condos, townhouses, duplexes, multi-tenant buildings, and even some commercial properties as well.
Do You Charge A Fee For Visiting My House And Making An Offer?
  1. Absolutely not. We do this entirely at no charge.
Am I Under Any Obligation At All If I Request A Cash Offer Or Arrange A Visit?
No. Visiting your home and making a cash offer entails absolutely no obligation on your part. We’re more than happy to visit your house, answer your questions, and make an offer. There’s no obligation. You’re free to either accept or decline the offer.
Who Is New Sky Homes?'
New Sky Homes LLC is a company working in NJ and NY. We have a team of Architects, designers, Brokers, Lawyers, Contractors, Title & Insurance companies and every single piece need to give your home the love it deserves, and make from ugly houses magazine prospects.


Can You Answer More Of My Questions?
Of course! We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about Us, and our ugly houses strategy. Just send us your question online or call us at 908-845-5596 to speak with us personally.
we buy ugly houses

Not an ugly house, and you want to take a chance?

we can help you with some tips to bring it back to market value.

But don’t hesitate to give us a call, we after all love to renovate homes.

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