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A little About Us

New Sky Homes is a company focused on helping people. We solve housing situations through; buying, selling, renting or creating equity in homes.

New Sky Homes Buy distressed properties, add equity trough great design and, sell at market value.

What about us makes us different than our competitors is pretty simple; as Thomas J. Watsonsaid “good design is good business”.

Design always translate to equity, clients or sales increase.

We bring a contemporary quality  to the single family home and small multifamily. Great  design is hard to find in the single family market.

New Sky Homes has  a proven record of forced equity creation.

design and equity are some of the strongest pillars of our company.

Carlos Pelegrina
Architect & Designer with a large experience in Construction and developement
Kyle Lofland
Marketing specialist with a large experience in product development and sales

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