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Modern chandeliers are a big part of my success collection and a practical way to specify quicly when I need to select products. For every new project I do, I have a buy box, where modern chandeliers are a very important part.
My success collection has; lighting, bathroom products such as shower doors toilets, and anything I regularly use on my own projects.
I want to share this list of products with people doing renovations or flips because I want them to add value in a modern way.
Contemporary homes appreciate more than traditional ones, but there is a learning curve to do it properly.
More contractors and developers have a very traditional approach, and for them is this curated group of products.
What am I trying with this post?
I am trying to help you use a contemporary aesthetic. I am trying to help GCs and flippers to not be afraid of taking risks.
In a way people are right; there are many products in the market and to do something cool sometime could be mistaken to do something over the top, exotic, or very niche.
The elements in this Pinterest board, are elements I regularly use.
These modern chandeliers, like modern shower doors or faucets, are the cherry on top of the cake.
Elements like these are the ones that give a luxury feel to any property and a higher appreciation.
Lighting design is one of the items that can make your renovation sink or swim. Luxury is a perception and is given by fixtures, colors, shapes, and the color of the light because white is not just white.
A wrong choice of light color would make your house cold, cheap looking, and undesirable.
I Carefully select modern chandeliers, pendants, sconces, and downlights because I know are a big part of this whole success.
Among these ten fixtures, I used nine of these Modern chandeliers. I usually sell those homes on the first showing and for more than asking all because of The contemporary look these modern lights bring to the project. These lights need to be supported by color, textures, and the furniture selected for the interior design or staging.
My Clients and buyers really appreciate a nice clean contemporary home with modern lighting. As I previously said, there is a fine line between these clean modern proven designs and many tacky fixtures in the market.
Experience is the only thing that sharpens your eye and will help you to select properly what works.
If you are not sure, send me a message and I might be able to help you.

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